Friday, February 24, 2012

What do *YOU* want to know?

Usually on Fridays, we preview the dual/tournament for the upcoming weekend.  Since the Bearcats aren't competing this weekend, we'd like to use today's post to find out what our fans and friends would like to know about the Bearcat Wrestling Program.  

Please leave your question or comment below this post in the Comments and we'll start working on getting answers back to you! 


  1. For a redshirt, how many opportunities are there to wrestle in a given year?

    How is John Paris doing? Can we hope to see him back next year?


  2. I get asked by a friend who is also a college ref. who the ref happens to be at the Binghamton matches... I don't know because their name is not announced at the beginning of a match. It would be helpful to let us know who is reffing the evenings match.