Monday, February 6, 2012

Week in Review

We had a tough match on Friday against American.  We lost several close matches and dropped the dual meet 15-18.  Steeley lost 3-5.  He needs to wrestle in matches like he does in the wrestling room.  Hunter wrestled well and won with a takedown & back points.  He scored on four nice takedowns and moved very well on his feet.  He had the major but Borshoff was able to escape with just a few seconds left on the clock.  Bonaldi was in the match with a top twelve opponent, Mariacher.  Mariacher controlled the match early, but Joe came alive in the third period and scored a takedown.  He cut his opponent to try for another takedown but got caught off guard and scored on at the end of the match.  Vinson completely dominated his opponent, moved forward, and controlled the match.  His opponent backed up and tried to hold him out.  Vinson still found ways to score points and dominate.  Lister scored an early takedown on #3 Sanjaa but Sanjaa scored two takedowns in the match to win 5-3.  Lister showed the ability to score almost at will but wrestled a bit inconsistent at different times in the match.  Kaylor dominated his opponent.  I think he scored more takedowns in the match than I did my entire first year of college wrestling!  He looked great on his feet and got right out on bottom.   Kaylor wrestled very well on top, accumulating a ton of riding time.  Wallace scored a couple of takedowns in the first period and started very well but took a minor injury in the second period.  After taking an injury timeout, he was not the same and lost the bout.  Schiedel continued to wrestle well.  He picked up his fifth consecutive win with a technical fall.  He controlled the entire match but really picked up his pace in the third period.  I thought he had the fall, but his opponent fought hard off his back and put an impressive twenty-four points on the board.  Reed scored a takedown and escape but was unable to score the winning takedown after his opponent scored two takedowns in scrambles.  His opponent was able to hold him out in the final thirty seconds for the win.  Gwiazdowski was in on several shots against #1 Flores but Flores was able to score defensively.  Gwiazdowski was the aggressor and set a high pace but Flores picked up the win.  Overall, I feel like we wrestled more aggressively but not as smart as we should have in some positions.  We have my alma matter, Bloomsburg, at home on Thursday at 7PM.

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