Monday, February 13, 2012

Week in Review

Overall it was a good week for the Bearcats as we picked up two wins against good teams.  On Thursday, we beat Bloomsburg, dropping their record to 15-7 on the year with an 18-15 win.  The match was closer than I expected it to be but we did not wrestle very well overall.  We had a solid crowd of about 700 for the match.  We wrestled better yesterday at Hofstra.  I estimate half of the crowd of about 300 at the Hofstra match supported BU.  We won over #22 Hofstra with a solid 24-12 score.  The Pride fell to 10-3 on the year.

125 – Derek Steeley lost to two good opponents by identical an identical 5-10 score.  In both matches, he started well and scored the opening takedown but gave up back points in both matches.  In fact, against #12 Bonanno, Steeley was up 4-1 going into the second period on the strength of two takedowns.  Derek needs to continue his intensity into the second and third periods as both were winnable matches for him.

133 – Patrick Hunter started very slow this week.  He lost to Wilcox and dug a hole early.  As the match went on, he wrestled better and found his rhythm, scoring a couple of takedowns.  However, it was too little too late and he dropped the decision.  Against #26 Franco, Hunter again started slow but used three third period takedowns and another takedown in overtime to take the match.  It was a big win for Hunter and he needs to get his heart rate higher before he steps on the mat this week.

141 – Joe Bonaldi split matches this week.  Against Shingara of Bloomsburg, he did a nice job controlling the pace and the hand fighting.  He was in on several shots and scored defensively.  The final score was 5-3 for Joe.  In his match with #25 Vaith, Joe was definitely the aggressor and I think Joe out-wrestled Vaith.  Vaith was a little smarter in positions and scored on the edge.  Joe did not commit to his shots; he took too many half shots and not enough real shots.

149 – Donnie Vinson picked up two wins this week over ranked opponents.  On Thursday, he hammered #29 Busler of Bloomsburg 14-1.  He scored with several leg attacks and also scored on top.  He quickly got off bottom in the match and got right back on the attack.  He majored #24 Accordino of Hofstra 9-1 yesterday.  He opened strong against Accordino.  Accordino tried to get him in his cement mixer and Donnie wrestled a bit more conservative as that was all his opponent was trying for.  Donnie is a true competitor and was upset with himself this week that he did not get a technical fall and/or a pin in both matches.  I think that is a great sign about his current mindset.

157 – Lister did not have his best week as he was battling sickness but competed in both duals.  He lost to #7 Hickman on Thursday.  He wrestled the first two periods very well controlling the match before hitting the wall.  He actually threw-up on the mat during the match and had a terrible third period.  Yesterday, he wrestled much better scoring a major decision over Banks.  He scored several takedowns in the match and Banks clammed-up on bottom just trying not to get turned.

165 – Matt Kaylor had a good week and is wrestling well.  He dominated both of his opponents this week.  He scored several takedowns against Smith of Bloomsburg.  He was looking for a major late in the third period but walked into a shot and got taken down but still won 11-6.  Then, he was hoping to gain a little revenge on Hofstra’s returning All-American Gillespie in the dual but instead Hofstra bumped him up to 174 and sent Varela (2011 National Qualifier) to the mat.  Kaylor completely dominated the match, beating him 17-5.

174 – Caleb Wallace had his work cut out for him this week as he wrestled two top twenty ranked opponents.  On Thursday, he wrestled #20 Dessino.  He was in a tight 1-2 match with riding time going into the third period.  He picked bottom and nearly got out but as he turned to cut out, Dessino pulled him to his back to get a set of back points and the match ended 1-5.  Then, #15 Gillespie scored a 9-2 decision over Caleb.  Caleb wrestled well the first two periods and was in scoring position a couple of times as he had some good shots.

184 – Nate Schiedel had a technical fall win on Thursday against Shirley.  He scored on his feet and both top and bottom.  He dominated in all positions.  Yesterday, he outwrestled his opponent but lost 1-0.  He controlled the pace on his feet as #9 Clymer backed up the first three minutes.  The second period, Nate got rode out.  Third period, Nate took the riding time off but and cut Clymer but was unable to secure the winning takedown.  He will learn for the match and beat Clymer at CAA’s.

197 – Cody Reed split his matches this week.  On Thursday, he dropped a 7-4 decision to #24 Perry of Bloomsburg.  He was the more aggressive wrestler but Perry scored on counter shots as Cody came out of position and allowed an opening for the reshot.  Yesterday, he put the Hofstra match out of reach for the Pride.  He got a takedown in the first period and rode his opponent.  He then chose bottom in the second period and scored a reversal to back points and a fall.  It was his first pin of the season.

285 – Nick Gwiazdowski picked up two more wins this week.  The only points that were scored on him were escape points.  He nearly got the major over Walsh 12-5 as he cut him late in the third period looking to get one more takedown.  Then, he beat retuning CAA Champion, Snyder of Hofstra by a 4-1 score.  He scored a takedown, an escape, and a riding time point in the bout.  He controlled the pace of both matches and all of the action.

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Photos are now available on the Photos page.

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