Thursday, October 13, 2011

Throwback Thursday Episode 1: Ryan McGarity & Dan Bittner

This is our first Throwback Thursday post.  Ryan & Dan are both part of the Binghamton University Wrestling Class of 2011.

Remember, if you're an alumni, former coach, or member of the BU Wrestling family, contact Coach Frank Beasley if you'd like to be interviewed for this segment! (


  1. When Ryan said he is looking for a job anywhere I think he meant to say wherever Katie wants to go. Why does Bittner look like he is 35?

  2. I think its his hair..

  3. Not to down play the previous two posts but I think these two gentlemen exemplify the success and structure of the program and its current direction. My history may be fuzzy on these individuals but to my knowledge neither of them made it to the podium at their respective high school state events, yet McGarity earned the honor of qualifying for the NCAA tournament last year and Bitner continued to battle his way as a starter, making the transfer from the football field not many years ago. It is exciting to see these guys progress in their careers and proudly represent the program as working professionals. (On a side note, I do find it funny and mildly ironic there is a solar company located in Binghamton NY).