Monday, October 24, 2011

Coach Beasley's Week in Review 10.24.11

We had a great first week of practice.  We spent all  week improving our defense and working on bottom.  We feel like those are two key areas that we need to spend a lot of time on as a team.  The majority of our technique this week was spent on defensive positioning.  We need to be able to score when our opponents shoot on us and we are certainly improving in that area as a team.   Our technique was focused on defending singles and high crotches but we also worked  on when the opponent has your leg up in the air, between his legs, and when he is in on a low single. We drilled these positions and spent a decent amount of time drilling on bottom.

Bottom position is always where the majority of freshman need to make their biggest improvements.  With a large incoming class, we needed to emphasize bottom everyday.  We were focused on getting to our feet off of bottom this week.  Our team as a whole is very good on top, so the guys were able to make their partners work hard and gave them a realistic feel for getting off bottom.

Wednesday, we wrestled live in groups of three and went two minute live goes.  On Thursday, we wrestled two minute live goes followed by thirty seconds on top and thirty seconds on bottom then would switch partners and do the same thing.  We had a lot of partner switches so the guys got a lot of different looks and feels when they went live.  On Friday, our live consisted of match-length periods.  Saturday, we drilled hard for about 45 minutes.  We spent 10 minutes on offense, 10 minutes on bottom, 10 minutes on defense, and 15 minutes on sparring and simulated live drilling.  After the Saturday drill, we ran the guys through a team lift in addition to the lift that they did on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Sunday, the team had a brutal workout and they are sore today.  This week, we will have our three morning lifts and will practice on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons.  Saturday is our wrestle-off and they will start around 11:50AM in the West Gym.  The Wrestle-Offs will be open to the public and we encourage all to attend.  We are planning on having about a dozen matches Saturday.  I will provide a more in depth preview of wrestle-offs later this week.  Stay tuned!

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