Monday, October 3, 2011

Coach Beasley's Week in Review

The fourth week of preseason went very well this week.  We had open room workouts on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  We had our team lift and conditioning workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 6:30AM.

On Monday, we ran a lot of sprints, followed by a mental toughness buddy carry, lifts, and hand fighting. The mental toughness buddy carry was where each wrestler had to do a baby carry with his partner one lap around the track (a quarter of a mile) without putting him down or readjusting your partner.  The guys had already put a lot of work in by that point in the workout and were pretty fatigued already, so the baby carry was very difficult.  Joe Bonaldi was the standout on the baby carry and won the race.

On Wednesday, we lifted and ran three separate miles. Some clips from that workout were posted on the blog on Friday.  We lifted weights for forty-five minutes.  Then, we set a goal of a five-minute mile but everyone had to run the mile in six minutes or less.  Then, they ran a second mile that had to be within twenty seconds of their first mile time.  After that, they had to run their third mile within twenty-five seconds of of the last mile they ran.  If they made all of their goals, they were finished for the workout.  If they did not meet all of their goals, they then had to do sprints, lifts, hand fighting, and and buddy carries up the stairs.  Justin Lister won each of the three miles, with his first mile at just over five minutes.  The top five in the first mile were: Justin Lister, Donnie Vinson, Nate Schiedel, Dan Riggi, and Joe Bonaldi.  The top five in the second mile were:  Justin Lister, Donnie Vinson, Alex Neal, and Joe Bonaldi/Nate Schiedel.  The top five in the third mile were:  Justin Lister, Vince Grella, Donnie Vinson/Alex Neal, and Dan Riggi.

On Friday, we lifted and then ran in the beautiful BU Nature Preserve.  We ran up a trail on a very steep hill in the Nature Preserve five times followed by hand fighting and buddy lifts.  On the hill, Justin Lister dominated even after stumbling and falling on a rock.  He was followed by Donnie Vinson, Cody Reed, Joe Bonaldi, and Nate Schiedel.

We had another great week of preseason and are looking forward to next week.  We only have two more weeks of preseason before we get into official practice.

**Also, don't forget to tune in to Dancing With The Stars tonight at 8pm to see Chynna Phillips dance in week 3 of competition! Voting information will be posted this evening.**

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