Monday, October 17, 2011

Coach Beasley's Week in Review

This past week was our last week of preseason workouts.  The guys finished the preseason on a great note and were working extremely hard.  I feel like the team is in great shape and had a very productive preseason.  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, we had open room workouts in the afternoons.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, we had a lift followed by a run.  On Monday we ran a lot of sprints.  We ran a variety of sprints from 100 yards to 400 yards, with a ton of short sprints.  We did some wheelbarrows, buddy carries, lifts, etc.  On Wednesday, we ran a longer distance run after the lift.  The run was up a long incline hill, followed by a loop through campus.  Justin Lister won the run, with Alex Neal right on his heels.  Following them were, Colton Perry, Donnie Vinson, Derek Heyman in that order.  On Thursday, lifted, followed by an hour run. The run on Thursday started with two quarter miles sprints, followed by a one mile run.  From there, they went into a quarter of a mile sprint directly to a hand fight for a mile and a half worth of work.  Then, we did 100 yard sprints, 200 yard reverse body lock lift buddy carries, then hand fighting.  Derek Heyman stood out on Friday by winning more sprints than he ever has; while Derek Steeley, Donnie Vinson, Nate Schiedel, Nick Gwiazdowski, and Tyler Deuel did a great job with their reverse lifts.

We took Friday off, as well as today and tomorrow.  Wednesday, we will have our official first day of practice.  They look great going into the season and we are poised to have a very good year.  Next Monday, my review will be much more wrestling centered as we start practicing in the room.

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