Monday, October 10, 2011

Coach Beasley's Week in Review

Our team had yet another very good week of preseason training this past week.  We lifted and ran on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, with "Open Room" being on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons.  By NCAA Rules, I can not say much about the open room workouts except that the guys are looking better and sharper everyday!  We have one more week of preseason before we start official practice.  I can not wait for official practice to start so we (our coaching staff) can run the guys through some great wrestling workouts.  The guys are getting in great shape and making big strides.

On the running side, Monday, we did a lot of short sprint laps in the Events Center with a short recovery time.  They guys were battling to win every lap!  The fastest guys are now being challenged more and more as some of the others are stepping up daily to make the races more competitive.  On Wednesday, we had a good forty-minute distance run around campus.  Friday was a very intense workout with short recovery times.  I think Friday was a very good workout with almost four miles of sprints, a lot of stairs, buddy carries on the stairs, and some very physical hand fighting.  Derek Steeley and Derek Heyman had a very physical hand fight that got the whole team invigorated.  They guys are getting better on a daily basis.

This week should prove to be a very tough week of conditioning as it is our last week of preseason before we give the team a breather.  This is going to be a short week of workouts and then the team will have a handful of days completely off as they recover and get ready to start official practice next week.

Almost the entire team has completed their weight certifications (they have to be complete before the first official practice).  Most of the guys are already lean and near their weight class as they have bought into living the lifestyle of a champion by doing the right things socially, athletically, nutritionally, and most importantly, academically.

Lastly, we had a handful of wrestlers this weekend volunteering their time to help clean up from the flood.  A family in nearby Tioga was devastated by the recent flood and still had a lot of work to do at their home.  Cody Reed, Tyler Deuel, Nate Schiedel, Ben Price, Brian St. James, and John Paris all helped in the effort.  Thanks for giving your time and helping the community guys!!

**Note: Don't forget to tune in the Dancing with the Stars at 8:00 to see Chynna & Tony dance!

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