Monday, March 26, 2012

Week in Review

Most teams immediately went to vacation or took off from training after the national tournament.  We did not.  We have recovery time built into our schedule and will recover soon.  We trained through last week.  We practiced every day at 9AM this past week.  The focus of the week was getting better on our single legs.  At the NCAA, World, and Olympic Championships, the move used to score most is a single leg takedown.  It is most effective at the highest level and we took this past week to get better as a team in various positions on finishing a single.  As a team, we have not had much of a problem getting into the leg, but finishing has been a place that we've struggled a bit.  Every day last week, we did technique on different ways to finish the single.  We worked on ways to get the corner and get behind, splitting the middle, cutting the leg out, and getting to our feet.  We drilled various scenarios from these positions and also went live in the positions.  In addition, we started to wrestle a little bit of freestyle.  The guys were responsible to get three lifts in last week and did a nice job in the weight room as well.

I think it was a very productive week for the team.  I could see significant improvements when they were wrestling live.  Now that season is over we can really focus on improving technically.  I think it is often overlooked by college coaches but the off season is the best time to technically improve.  Many colleges do not have their guys training or are just having them wrestle live.  We will be focused this off season on getting better technically.  Conditioning wise, we were very good.  The guys showed a lot of heart and determination throughout the season.  We certainly need to improve in the weight room and technically in some positions so we can continue to dominate next season.

Looking ahead, we are taking this week off from practice to recover.  It is the first week of a two week training break that we are taking.  The following week is spring break here at BU and we will be off for that as well.  After those two weeks, we will be back at it with the focus on freestyle and the University Nationals (May 31st-June 3rd).

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