Monday, March 12, 2012

Week in Review

We had a light week of training this past week as we have tapered down to prepare for the national tournament.  One of the most important things this time of year is health.  Fortunately, all five guys are healthy and ready to go for nationals.  By this point in the season, everyone is dinged up, but the five guys going to nationals are very healthy right now and ready to compete.  Like I said, we scaled practices back in order to peak for nationals.  Last week, everything was short and hard.  All week, we spent a little time working on our arm bars and chicken wings on top.  Monday, we drilled hard for a short time and wrestled some live goes.  Tuesday, we drilled for a half hour.  Wednesday, we were off the mat.  Thursday, we had a short drill and short live situation goes.  Friday, we drilled and went live in short spurts.  We did few things at the end of practice to keep our conditioning up.  We lifted on Monday and Wednesday.  Saturday and Sunday, we took off from practice.  Rest is as important as anything this time of year.  We will be rested and ready to go on Thursday.  Coach Borshoff and I will discuss our first round matches tomorrow on the blog.  As usual, we will tweet the results at nationals.

Also, check out this article from New York Wrestling News about BU Senior, Justin Lister.

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