Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week in Review: CAA Championships Review 165-HWT

Fear not, Patrick Hunter's Two Minute Tuesday will return after Nationals.

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  1. Just a few comments on the tournament.

    I had a prior engagement Saturday night, saw all of the action except for the finals. :-(

    Three pins in the first period - Patrick, Donnie, and Justin - just great and then another right at the start of the second by Nate.

    Cody - that was a great win over Hall. You were much more aggressive, taking the shots you did. Yes, I saw you pump your fist after the last takedown to seal the victory.

    Mixed emotions is the only way to describe seeing Justin and Matt wrestle for the final time. I have moments that I will remember from each of your BU careers.

    Nick - only saw you wrestle once over the weekend, am looking forward to seeing you again next year...as I am all of the underclassmen - here's recognizing the other unclassmen in the tournament - Derek, Joe, Caleb.

    Tyler Deuel as a runner? Let's just say you didn't fade from view like someone of lesser physical stature would.