Monday, September 26, 2011

Coach Beasley's Week in Review

Starting today, each Monday Coach Beasley will summarize the prior week's team training and progress. 

We had a great week of training last week here at BU.  We lifted and ran on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 6:30AM with our strength coach, Bryan McGovern.  Bryan put the team through a great series of lifts and the guys got a lot out of it.  After the lift on Monday, we ran nearly three miles of sprint laps on the track, followed by several 100 yard sprints, then lifts, and hand fighting.  On Wednesday, we ran hard for about 30 minutes, followed by sprints, lifts, and hand fighting.  On Friday, we ran a pyramid of sprints: a quarter mile, a half mile, three-quarters of a mile, three-quarters of a mile, a half mile, and a quarter-mile.  Then we finished with lifts and hand fights.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, we had open room workouts (we are not allowed by NCAA rules to actually run wrestling practices yet, so we have open room workouts).  The guys have been working extremely hard in the open room workouts and I am seeing a ton of improvement from the team.
I have been very impressed with the team here at BU.  This group of guys is by far the hardest working team that I have ever been associated with in my coaching career.  In fact, i would say this is by far the hardest working team from top to bottom that I have ever been associated with.  These guys are making big improvements athletically and are buying into the social lifestyles of champions.

**Check back tomorrow for another "first"... 2 Minute Tuesdays with Patrick Hunter. 
**Also, make sure to tune in to Dancing with the Stars tonight at 8pm to watch long-time BU Wrestling supporter Chynna Phillips hit the dance floor! 

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