Monday, April 2, 2012

Week in Review

Last week, we took off from practice as a built in recovery phase .  This is our spring break week here at BU and will also have this week off.  Last week the guys lifted three times but had no practice.  This week is completely an off week from training.  A lot of little nagging injuries through the season can heal up for some of the guys over this recovery phase.  Next week, we will start our training back up with wrestling practice followed by a lift everyday at 9AM.  Our coaching staff was at the NHSCA High School Nationals and FloNationals this past weekend.  Several of the incoming recruits did very well.  I am not allowed to comment on most of the recruits specifically yet (per NCAA rules) but when we are allowed to, I will release more information on them.  Also, in August and September, we will do a featured freshman segment to introduce all of the new team members.  What I will say is that we had multiple incoming recruits that reached All-American honors at these events.

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