Monday, January 2, 2012

Week in Review 01.02.12

The guys put in a good week of training this past week.  Since school is not in session, the team has been able to focus solely on wrestling.  Our focus technically this week was setting-up and getting in on shots.  We came back from break on the 27th with a morning lift and an afternoon wrestling practice.  The first practice back was a little sluggish, which is normal.  We did technique, a short drill, and live goes.  On the 28th, we ran stairs and lifted legs in the morning.  We really wanted to break down the guys legs and get them tired.  They came back in the afternoon a little wobbly-legged.  In the afternoon practice we again spent some time on technique, had a short drill, then did shark bait.  What I mean by shark bait is one wrestler stayed in the center while he had two different opponents rotate in on him every minute.  Each wrestler took their turn in the center.  We followed that up with top-bottom-out goes and bottom-top-out goes on the mat.  It was a very hard practice, especially after breaking their legs down that morning.  On the 29th, we ran in the morning followed by an upper body lift.  In the afternoon we spent a little time on technique then drilled hard for about fifty minutes.  The team took the 30th off to recover.  We like to do three day training cycles because they need to be able to wrestle well over three days as that is how long the national tournament lasts.  The team was back at it on the 31st.  We drilled the team for about a half hour, followed by a captains drill for about 45 minutes then went a couple of five minute live goes.  Yesterday, we reviewed the technique that we have been working on this week then drilled for about 45 minutes pretty hard.  Today, we are headed to Buffalo for our dual meet.  The match takes place at 3Pm today at Lancaster High School.  If you missed it yesterday, the UB vs. BU preview is here.

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