Friday, November 18, 2011

Body Bar Preview

The Body Bar is tomorrow at Cornell.  It is a twelve team tournament featuring: Cornell, Virginia, Kent State, Bloomsburg, Army, Columbia, Lock Haven, Drexel, Buffalo, Ithaca, and a few from Minnesota.  We will be without some of our starters this weekend but have eleven guys entered in the tournament.  There should be some great wrestling this weekend.  I am not entirely sure who is wrestling from any of these teams, especially Minnesota as they dual Cornell tonight and Penn State Sunday so I suspect them to only have a few back-ups in the tournament.  The 141 pound weight class is shaping up to be the deepest and most balanced weight class in the tournament.  It will be an exciting weekend of wrestling!

BU Entrants:  Derek Steeley and Mike Sardo
Other Top Competitors:  Nic Bedelyon (Kent State – Returning All-American, 3X National Qualifier, and Ranked 4th in the Country), Matt Snyder (Virginia – Top 12 2011 NCAA Championships and Ranked 6th in the Country), Frank Perrelli (Cornell – 2011 National Qualifier and Ranked 7th in the Country), John Trumbetti (Lock Haven – 2010 National Qualifier), Sean Boyle (Bloomsburg – University Freestyle All-American and 3rd 2011 EWL), David White (Army – 6th 2011 EIWAs), Robert Rehm (Lock Haven – 2nd 2011 Clarion Open and 4th at 2011 East Stroudsburg Open), Sean Walton (Buffalo – 4th 2011 MAC Championships), Troy Opfer (Kent State – placed at both Eastern Michigan and Cleveland State Opens), Robert Dyer (Columbia – 5th 2011 Michigan State Open), Max Soria (Buffalo – 6th 2011 Buffalo Open), and Max Cohen (Ithaca – 2011 D3 National Qualifier)

BU Entrants:  Patrick Hunter and Brian St. James
Other Top Competitors:  Jordan Thome (Army – Ranked in the Top 20 in the Country and 2ndat the 2011 Oklahoma Gold Classic), Jonathon Childress (Lock Haven – 2010 NCAA National Qualifier), Steve Mitcheff (Kent State – 4th 2010 Body Bar and 2010 Cleveland State Open Champ), Chris Dardanes (Minnesota), Joe Stanzione (Cornell – 2010 Binghamton Open Champ and Nationally Ranked), Matt Nelson (Virginia – 3rd 2011 Wolf-Pack Open), Nik Pena (Cornell – Top 30 recruit in the Country last year and 2X CA State Champ), Nick Wilcox (Bloomsburg – 2010 PSAC Champ and FILA Junior Freestyle All-American), Joseph Martinez (Virginia – 2nd 2011 Wolf-Pack Open), Ricardo Gomez (Ithaca – 2X Junior College National Finalist), Justin Farmer (Buffalo – 3rd 2011 Buffalo Open), Craig Barker (Bloomsburg – 2nd2011 Clarion Open), Alex Gomez (Ithaca – 3rd NHSCA Senior Nationals), Taylor Golba (Buffalo – 2010 Buffalo Open Champ), and Kyle Gilchrist (Columbia – 2nd 2011 New York State Collegiate).

BU Entrant:  Joe Bonaldi
Other Top Competitors:  Matt Bonson (Lock Haven – 2X National Qualifier, Ranked 11th in the Country, and 2010 Body Bar Champ), Nick Nelson (Virginia – 3X National Qualifier and Ranked 12th in the Country), Mike Nevinger (Cornell – Ranked 17th in the Country and 2nd2011 Binghamton Open), Tyler Small (Kent State – 2011 NCAA Qualifier and 2nd 2010 Body Bar), Seth Ecker (Ithaca – NCAA D3 National Champ), Frank Cimato (Drexel – 4th 2011 CAA Championships), Kevin Smith (Buffalo – 2X National Qualifier and Ranked 18th in the Country), Connor Hanafee (Army – 4th 2010 Clarion Open), Elijah Sullivan (Columbia – 3rd2011 Michigan State Open), Chris Conti (Buffalo), Ryan Ponte (Columbia – 5th 2011 Michigan State Open), and Matt Rappo (Bloomsburg).

BU Entrant:  Donnie Vinson
Other Top Competitors:  Craig Eifert (Cornell – Ranked #17 in the Country and 2011 Binghamton Open Champ), Shawn Harris (Virginia – NCAA National Qualifier), Bryce Busler (Bloomsburg – Nationally Ranked and 2011 University National Freestyle Runner-Up), Dan Young (Army – 6th 2011 EIWAs and 3rd 2011 Oklahoma Gold Classic), Marcel Clopton (Kent State – 4th 2011 MAC Championships and 6th 2011 Eastern Michigan Open), Ian Miller (Kent State – Ohio State Champ and one of the Top Ranked Recruits in the Country last year), Josh Roosa (Bloomsburg – 3rd 2011 East Stroudsburg Open), Owen Wilkinson (Lock Haven – 3rd 2011 EWL Championships), Blake Roulo (Buffalo – top 40 Recruit in the Country last year and 4X High School National Champ), and Tommy Sasfy (Kent State – 4th 2011 Eastern Michigan Open)

BU Entrant:  Joe Chamish
Other Top Competitors:  Kyle Dake (2X NCAA National Champ), Frank Hickman (Bloomsburg – 2011 National Qualifier and Ranked #17 in the Country), Jedd Moore (Virginia – 2010 National Qualifier and 2011 Wolf-Pack Open Champ), Jake Kemerer (Lock Haven – was Nationally Ranked last season), Austin Sommer (Drexel – 2010 Body Bar Finalist), James Rafferty (Army – 3rd 2011 Oklahoma Gold Classic), Jake O’Hara (Columbia – 4th 2011 Michigan State Open), Wally Maziarz (Buffalo – 2011 University Greco National Finalist), Mallie Shuster (Kent State – 3rd 2009 Body Bar), and Shane Strumwasser (Columbia – 4th2011 New York State Collegiate)

BU Entrant:  None
Other Top Competitors:  Nick Sulzer (Virginia – Nationally Ranked and won five open tournaments in the last year), Joe Booth (Drexel – 2X National Qualifier and Nationally Ranked #17 in the Country), Marshall Peppelman (Cornell – Nationally Ranked #18 in the Country and 3rd 2011 Binghamton Open), Ross Tice (Kent State – 2011 National Qualifier and Nationally Ranked), Mark Lewandowski (Buffalo – Top 12 at 2011 NCAA Nationals and Nationally Ranked #16 in the Country), Chris Smith (Bloomsburg), and Ben Villaret (Columbia – 3rd 2011 Michigan State Open)

BU Entrant: None
Other Top Competitors:  Mike Dessino (Bloomsburg – 2011 National Qualifier and Nationally Ranked), Collin Wittmeyer (Army – Nationally Ranked #17 and 3rd at Oklahoma Gold Classic), Brandon Johnson (Kent State – 3rd 2011 MAC Championships and 6th 2011 Eastern Michigan Open), Jules Doliscar (Ithaca – 2X Junior College All-American and Nationally Ranked in D3), William George (Cornell – 4th 2011 Binghamton Open), Vinny Walhauser (Virginia – 4th 2011 Wolf-Pack Open), and Stephen West (Columbia – 2011 EIWA Place Winner)

BU Entrant:  Nate Schiedel
Other Top Competitors:  Steve Bosak (Cornell – NCAA All-American and Nationally Ranked #4 in the Country), Jon Fausey (Virginia – 2011 National Qualifier and Nationally Ranked #15), Fred Garcia (Lock Haven – Placed at 2010 Penn State Open), Nick Mills (Columbia – 5th 2011 EIWA and 4th 2011 Michigan State Open), Casey Newburg (Kent State – 2nd 2011 MAC Championships), Jake Waste (Buffalo – 5th 2011 Buffalo Open), and Nick Kidd (Virginia – National Prep Champ last year)

BU Entrants:  Tyler Deuel and Mike McKeever
Other Top Competitors:  Cam Simaz (2X NCAA All-American and Nationally Ranked #1), Ryan Mallo (Virginia – 3X D3 All-American and 2X D3 National Finalist), Mike Salopek (Virginia – 2010 National Qualifier and Nationally Ranked), Keith Witt (Kent State – 2010 National Qualifier), Brandon Palik (Drexel – 2010 Las Vegas Invite Place Winner), Scott Schiller (Minnesota – 2010 North Country Open Champ and 2010 Kaufman-Brand Open Finalist), Shane Hughes (Columbia – 2011 Michigan State Open Champ), Rich Perry (Bloomsburg – 4th 2010 Navy Classic), and Justin Heiserman (Buffalo – 6th 2011 Buffalo Open)

BU Entrant:  Nick Gwiazdowski
Other Top Competitors:  Brendan Barlow (Kent State – Top 12 at 2011 NCAA Champioships and Nationally Ranked #9), Kyle Frey (Drexel – Nationally Ranked #16 in the Country), Kevin Lester (Columbia – 2011 NCAA National Qualifier and Nationally Ranked), Henry Turner (Lock Haven – 4th 2010 Body Bar), Matthew Mahon (Ithaca – D3 National Qualifier and Nationally Ranked #9 in D3), Jace Bennett (Cornell – 2nd 2011 Binghamton Open), Zac Walsh (2nd 2011 EWL Championships), Maciej Jochym (Cornell – 4th 2011 Binghamton Open), Ethan Hayes (Virginia – 3rd 2011 Wolf-Pack Open), Stryker Lane (Cornell – 5th 2010 Body Bar and 2010 Mat Town Open Finalist), and Clinton Snyder (Cornell – 4th 2010 Body Bar and 2010 Mat Town Open Champ)

Note: I'll be tweeting and updating facebook as often as I can tomorrow throughout the tournament.

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